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Retail Manager - Grand Forks APPLY NOW

Grand Forks, ND
Full time

Power Plate Meals is a fast growing, locally owned, meal prep service that provides healthy, ready to eat meals to their busy customers. We are looking for someone to lead our awesome Grand Forks team.

You will support the team by creating a positive team environment, leading the Grand Forks team with daily operations, providing excellent customer service to our customers, and by being involved in the Grand Forks and surrounding communities.

This role will help hire and train the team, provide exceptional customer service, work in our retail stores to manage store operations and make customer relationships. You will help drive the brand and business growth through sales and community involvement, maintain the cleanliness of our retail stores, and have flexible hours.

When it comes to your skills, we are looking for someone who loves people and wants to create a dedicated, hard working team that provides excellent customer service and shares their passion of our products to our customers. We look for individuals who can be authoritative when needed, but also empathetic to customer and team experiences. Our retail managers have mad organizational skills as managing retail stores and a team of people is a pretty awesome super power. Community, we love our communities, so someone who knows the area, wants to be involved in community activities, and networking with like minded individuals and companies is something we are very passionate about. We also love personal appreciation and recognition when it comes to our staff and customers, if you are a positive person, who is outgoing, loves community engagement, and is passionate about healthy living, this position is calling your name.

We love to learn and grow with each other every day to make our product and experience better for our customers, and are looking forward to meeting someone who wants to share our passion with Bismarck.

If interested in more information, please view Retail Manager job description below:

Job Description

Full-Time Retail Manager

Power Plate Meals is a locally owned meal prep company that provides healthy, convenient, and ready to eat meals. We strive to make healthy eating an option for every person, no matter age or dietary restriction. Our meals are made with fresh ingredients that taste delicious and are packed full of nutrients.

Position Description:

The PPM retail locations are responsible for receiving, organizing, promoting, and selling our products. The retail manager demonstrates professional behavior and promotes relationships with staff. The retail manager has the primary responsibilities of employee management, scheduling, retail display, brand development, and increased sales. This includes building a team based off of employee availability, ensuring all employees are maintaining the retail store expectations, and uphold PPM team standards. The retail manager is responsible for all operations within the retail store; including product management, retail store operations, store functionality and organization, and staffing store hours.

Primary Priorities:

1. Increasing Sales

  • Build relationships and connections with our customers during in store interactions.
  • Uphold customer service expectations by leading by example for your team members.
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to team members via in person interactions and Facebook for increased sales/customer engagement.
  • Promoting Power Plate Meals through local events.

2. Employee Relationships/Team Building

  • Creating relationships with your team during training and maintaining them throughout their employment here with time spent at the store.
  • Uphold the retail employee expectations through new hire training, employee evaluations, and store visits.
  • Create and maintain a positive team culture.
  • Hire and fire within PPM’s team standards.

3. Building the PPM brand

  • Complete business bags/ lunch and learns per required amount on a monthly basis.
  • Represent and promote PPM at various community events and businesses.
  • Build and maintain a strong team to have excellent PPM employee representation.

4. PPM Team Standards

  • Be on time and presented in PPM’s attire standards.
  • Maintaining high and consistent work ethic.
  • Exemplify a positive light on the team, be respectful to all team members.
  • Fulfilling company expectations of workflow within the retail stores.
  • Receptive and responsive to all team communication.

Job Duties:

Uphold PPM Standard for Customer Service

  • Customer service is key.
  • Treat every customer with value by educating them through your passion of PPM’s mission and your attention to detail.
  • Follow the Customer Experience with every single customer every single interaction.
  • We take as much pride in our customer service as we do in our products we sell.

Employee Accountability

  • Verify time clocks are within consultant expectations
  • Complete employee evaluations per company standards and as seen fit.
  • Confirm all employee’s discounts on POS system are in accordance to discount policy.
  • Verify all coupon usage on the POS system correlates with accepted coupons at retail location.

Retail Operations Management

  • Verify and count retail product inventory on a weekly basis.
  • Manage retail store inventory; order as needed and rotate amongst retail locations.
  • Complete deposits and document on virtual spreadsheet; on a weekly basis.
  • Fill till with desired change, as needed.

Retail Store Organization and Presence

  • Diligently maintain PPM standard of meal and product organization.
  • Consistently organize to present a clean and functional retail environment.
  • Present yourself in PPM standard dress code; remembering how we present ourselves is how the community perceives PPM.
  • Minimum of 27-30 scheduled store hours on a weekly basis, unless advised differently.

Team Communication

  • Responsive to all employee communication.
  • Provide educational and motivational information on team communication platforms.
  • Participate in communication promptly via phone, email, and on the management organization app.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift 10-15lbs repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Ability to stand for long periods throughout the day.
  • Use proper lifting techniques to prevent injury.

Job Type: Full-time

Work Remotely

  • No

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