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Single orders of 10 meals or more qualify for free shipping* RESTRICTIONS APPLY, LEARN MORE.

Meal Delivery Menu

May 26 – June 9


Our marked down menu items are a variety of meals from our previous menu selection. Learn more about these meals below.

Meals: Choose 4 meals or more from our bi-weekly changing menu for our minimum purchase.

Free Shipping: 10 meals + qualifies for FREE SHIPPING to the following states: ND, MN, SD, NE, WY, IA, WI, IL, IN, OH, MI, & KY.

Distribution: Orders are shipped via UPS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday via 1-2 day shipping. Orders placed anytime Tuesday through Saturday are shipped out on the next Monday. Orders placed on Sunday are shipped the following Tuesday. Orders placed on Monday are shipped the following Wednesday. All subscription orders are shipped on Mondays.

Previous Menu Items: Our marked down menu items are a variety of meals from our previous menu selection. You will notice the date on the front of the meal will be from a week to a couple week’s prior to the new menu items. We recommend eating all of our frozen meals within 3-4 months from the date it was made for best quality. Note: being these are from previous menus there is limited supply and these items can run out. These are available while supplies last and are not a part of our weekly meal plans.

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