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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Brand Ambassador Rachelle Wery!

Drum roll please… introducing the RJFit Cheeseburger Bowl! This meal will be available online for a limited time only {Tuesday, June 22 through Monday, July 5}.

Q&A with Rachelle Wery

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

My name is Rachelle Wery. I am a wife, dog momma, online personal trainer, and lover of pizza, burgers, and Mexican food (okay all food lol). I began sharing my fitness journey around 2014 on Instagram and I absolutely fell in love with living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I have now been offering online coaching since 2017!

What do you love most about Power Plate Meals?

The thing I love most about Power Plate Meals is the convenience! Having PPM delivered right to your doorstep is a huge time saver, helps me stay on track with my goals, and is one less meal to prep during the week!

What is your favorite Power Plate?

My favorite Power Plate is a tie between Cashew Chicken Stir Fry & Carolina BBQ pulled chicken. Now, of course, it’s the RJFIT Cheeseburger Bowl!

What is your biggest tip for someone looking to start their health and fitness journey?

My biggest tip for someone looking to start their fitness journey would be to start small. Trying to flip your whole lifestyle at once can be very overwhelming and seem unsustainable at first. If you just start by making one small habit/change a month, then add another next month, and another after that, it doesn’t seem as daunting! Those small changes and habits will be much easier to stick with!

How can people find you and support you?

You can find me at @justusleaguefit on Instagram! My 8 week Summer Challenge starts on July 5. Visit my website to learn more!

RJFIT Cheeseburger Bowl | Cals: 427 P: 39F C: 35G F: 15G


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