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Our protein popcorn has 10g of protein per serving and each batch is made fresh here in Fargo, North Dakota. Run, don’t walk >> believe us when we say you need this popcorn in your life.
The two flavors that are available in store are Dark Chocolate Sea Salt  & White Chocolate Peanut Butter.
White Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Popcorn
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt


I am White Chocolate Peanut Butter! Here are some mouth watering fun facts about me:

On the inside I am a delicious house made caramel corn, but on the outside I am coated in a natural peanut buttery, protein packed layer that will have your taste buds wanting more.

I am gluten free to help out my gluten intolerant friends.

I am packed with 10g of protein in every serving to keep you fueled up, while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Most describe me as sweet, delicious, fresh, & gourmet.

I am Fargo local, but soon I’ll be traveling all over the place.

I am Dark Chocolate Sea Salt! And let’s just say, you’ll be coming back for more once you get to know me:

I am here to satisfy all chocolate lovers with my delicious dark chocolate, protein packed coating and sweet caramel insides.

I am gluten free, which makes me a big deal around here.

I’ll be your new favorite protein packed snack when I fuel you up with 10g of protein per serving.

Most describe me as delicious, scrumptious, and mouth watering.

I am also Fargo local, but soon I’ll be traveling with my friend all over the nation.

We couldn’t have done this without our incredible partner, Scoop N Dough Candy Co. 

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