Why Power Plate Meals?
We strive to make healthy eating an option for every person, no matter age or dietary restriction.
With every meal we create, we ask a simple question:
how can we make someone’s favorite meal healthier?

Power Plate Meals works to cook meals the whole family will love. They are quick and easy, tasty, and packed full of nutrients that have you feeling amazing from the inside out.

We Recycle!

Instead of throwing containers in the garbage, recycle them! Power Plate Meals containers can be recycled or even reused easily around your home. All containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, so reusing them is easy and great for the environment!

Meals = Easy

No matter if you’re trying to eat better at your desk or put a balanced meal on your family’s table for picky eaters, Power Plate Meals helps you eat clean without meal planning, shopping, and cooking it yourself.